Introducing Assembly Now


Jonathan Friedman, PhD


April 2, 2018

The most convenient and cost-effective way to work with China

With our new service Assembly Now, for a flat low monthly fee, you’ll have access to our entire team of technicians, engineers, and logistics experts over a dedicated Slack channel.

Working remotely with China is hard; Now makes it easy

Assembly Now puts our team of technicians, engineers, and logistics experts, based in our China offices, at your fingertips. Now shows up as a channel in your team’s Slack where you can get questions answered, source parts, send people to the markets to find things, dispatch people to check on your factories, or any other manner of odd-jobs. It’s a college-educated, english-speaking workforce (never crowd-sourced) ready to help make your China problems go away!

Convenient & effective

We’re partnering with Slack and Pluot to deliver the most seamless and cost-effective solution yet to dealing with the complexities of China when you’re just a small team (or even going it solo!).

It’s unbelievably convenient! Need to check on something? Pop over to the channel and ask away! Want to video chat? Pluot large-room video conferencing is built right in… and all of our offices are equipped with Pluot hardware!

And because it’s all happening inside Slack, the place where you are already communicating with your team, there’s no additional user account permissions to manage, software to install, or settings to configure.

Now is now possible due to the years of development behind the Assembly CORE platform, which makes controlling for dynamic process requirements easy and digital.

The new middle ground

Assembly Now is priced well below competing offerings and offers a new option to founders, crowd-funders, and small teams that sits in-between having no permanent representation in China (risky) and hiring product management companies (expensive and possibly inaccessible due to minimums).

Assembly Now works best for operational concerns rather than engineering ones. We can do the things that are would be highly inefficient for foreign product and engineering teams to do directly.

For example, we can find alternate suppliers, secure quotes, navigate lengthy RFQ processes and vendor verifications, verify production inventory levels, negotiate pricing by finding multiple sources and fostering competition, coordinate logistics, inspect samples, and all the other things that just take a lot of time to do outside of the direct engineering of the product.

In the office and in the factory too!

Assembly Now provides near-unlimited remote execution of tasks by skilled operators with sourcing or manufacturing experience for a flat monthly fee. It’s a great solution for sampling, negotiating, quote gathering, vendor research, competitor research, and other “office” like tasks.

But if you need to send someone on an errand, Now also has you covered! Now includes a subsidized day-rate for labor that’s lower than the average prices charged by even China-domestically owned and operated 3rd party inspection companies!

With Now, you can send a technician to your factory for first-article inspection or to the market to survey offerings, buy samples, or verify availability. Now operators have handled everything from assembly line work to making travel arrangements for founders.

Put China to work for you!

Let’s make something great happen faster together! More information here.