GetScale is now Assembly


Jonathan Friedman, PhD


April 2, 2018

We've got a new brand and more products, but we're still on the same mission -- reduce waste, reward better labor practices!

As of today, GetScale is now Assembly (

Colton and I founded this company in January, 2014, to fix the oft broken relationships between brands and their contract factories.

We started by helping brands and contract factories communicate better. In so doing, we de-risked customer acceptance. A production run that a customer accepts means no waste of materials, no financial stress on the factory, less risk to the workforce, more budget for training and safety gear, and new interesting technologies get to market to change the world for the better.

Today, we are proud to expand that mission to helping factories and brands directly. As Assembly, we have reorganized our existing products and introduced new ones aimed directly at forward-looking factories ready to join a future of high efficiency, high safety, and high integrity – and at brands ready for more control over their China operations at lower price-points than ever before possible.

We are building an aspirational path for factories to monetize quality work rather than hide from ever more onerous cost pressures when making undifferentiated commodities and we are providing them the tools to defend this hard-won reputation from imposters and fraud.

Manufacturing is at the heart of life on Earth and our new name, Assembly, better reflects our mission to improve the world through doing ever more while wasting ever less.

New (and reorganized) products!

Today, we are also launching two reimagined services that split apart our previous GetScale offering.

Assembly CORE

Assembly CORE is our platform. It includes our full-stack solution from the hardware (sensors, computation, network) to the software (web, mobile, firmware). Everything you need to run a brand or a factory’s process control efforts.

Assembly Now

Assembly Now is our human service. Get help with anything in China from our team of college-educated english speaking technicians over Slack for one low fee per month. Set it, forget it, and then get things done. It’s like having your own team of employees overseas at a tiny fraction of the cost and frustration.

GetScale by Assembly

To our current GetScale enterprise customers, the GetScale turnkey service that you know and love will remain! It’s now “GetScale by Assembly” and consists of Assembly CORE, Assembly Now, and the dedicated account managers you already know and love.


Our China operations will continue under the GetScale (安纳森) brand for sometime, but will eventually transition.

Engine start!

This is just the beginning. We exist to help you.

Please reach out if you have any questions! We always love hearing from you.

– Jonathan, Colton, Eric, Alan, Yong, Diane, Amy, Bo, Jane, Raymond, Emily, Chen, Yang, Qingfu, Jiajun, Alex, Nick

The Assembly team