The Assembly a-Console is a high performance computing system with a 15” 4:3 True-color touch-panel display used to issue work instructions and log the results.

Touch Any Way You Want

Single-point, glass-substrate touch panel works with gloves and other safety clothing over more than 1,000,000 cycles!

One Big Screen

The largest fastest screen in its class: 15” diagonal, 4:3, 16.5 million colors

Energy Efficient

Peak total dissipated power below 17W

Numbers? Crunched

Dual-core high-performance Intel processor supports computation intensive compression, network, and image analysis tasks.

A Big Turn On

Startup and shutdown in seconds at any time without corrupting the operating software

WiFi or Cable

Connects to the network whether wired or wireless


Configuration and software updates are centrally managed and pushed to machines when they become available so you can easily manage your entire global supply chain

Integrated RFID

Built-in RFID scanner works with IC and ID cards


Can be replaced in seconds. New units automatically download configuration.