Small Assembly Line

Large Assembly Line




Large Assembly Line


  1. Industrial Automation
  2. Existing equipment can interface with Assembly CORE to associate machine state and measurement values to the specific serial numbers, batches, and lots they apply to.
  3. a-connect
  4. The Assembly a-Connect is a smart hub that enables multiple external devices to interface with a-Console. It is required for use with a-Camera and other IPbased hardware.
  5. a-camera
  6. The Assembly a-Camera is an IP-based imaging platform with an innovative highefficiency power system that can deliver power and data over a single network cable. It is compatible with a very wide range of optics for use with large or oddly shaped products.


Get Realtime Updates Anywhere in the World

Assembly CORE is modern connected infrastructure monitorable from anywhere in the world. Get alerts when significant events occur or just checkout the current status from your beach house!

Worldwide Redundant Infrastructure

Assembly has spent over two years perfecting our data processing, transport, and storage infrastructure. We have exported terabytes of data from remote Chinese factories — tens of thousands of photos, videos, and metadata records daily!