Small Assembly Line

Large Assembly Line






  1. Order Release Management & Schedule Dashboards
  2. Release orders to suppliers or the shop floor from within Assembly CORE’s webapp. CORE will automatically prioritize the schedule based on work velocity and delivery deadline. No more complex error-prone manual scheduling and no more surprises. Know immediately when a job is falling behind.
  3. Work Progress Dashboards
  4. Track realtime production progress, quality level, and velocity on the factory floor or the other side of the world!


Get Realtime Updates Anywhere in the World

Assembly CORE is modern connected infrastructure monitorable from anywhere in the world. Get alerts when significant events occur or just checkout the current status from your beach house!

Worldwide Redundant Infrastructure

Assembly has spent over two years perfecting our data processing, transport, and storage infrastructure. We have exported terabytes of data from remote Chinese factories — tens of thousands of photos, videos, and metadata records daily!