Your branding belongs here

Customized packing tape with your name and logo included in all Assembly Move Plans!

Own Your Brand Experience

Assembly Move is a network of high-tech fulfillment centers that let you customize your order handling, packaging, and returns processing per customer, per order, or even per piece!


Complex warehousing simplified with online process controls and remote sensors.

Returns handling, counter-fraud, firmware updates, battery conditioning, conditional marketing inserts, product recalls/modifications. Whatever happens to your business, Assembly Move can handle your inventory accurately and cost effectively.

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Core delivers fraud prevention, quality control, and faster production.

The most advanced process control solution for managing your contract factories remotely is also the easiest to deploy: We install. We train. We maintain. Scale up or down as needed.

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Ship Perfect Products

The same Assembly Core technology that runs in factories all of over China is running in our Move centers. You can add an additional level of quality control performed by Move staff as they pick and pack your orders for shipment.

Prelabel in China to lower costs

Running a crowd-funding or other pre-sales campaign? Then you already know the destinations and contents of your orders. Assembly Move can prepack all of your pre-orders in our China Center, transfer in bulk to our US Move center, and then hand-off to USPS/FedEx/UPS for local delivery -- cutting your labor costs by upto 60%.

An API for your entire supply chain

AWe LOVE developers. Integrate fulfillment and shipping with your apps and websites. Chat directly with our engineering team. Support available almost 16 hours a day over both our US and China office working hours.

Deliver worldwide Faster

Build in China, fulfill from our Shenzhen, China center to your African and Asian customers. Fulfill the rest of the world from our US center. Manage it all from our website or API. It's better, faster, and cheaper than conventional single-point fulfillment.